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Spinach Red Aztec O

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يسمى بالسبانخ وهو ليس بسبانخ، من الورقيات المحبة للدفئ.. قريبة من الكينوا والامارانث 



Red Aztec Spinach/Huauzontle - Heat-loving spinach flavors

Full sun and triple-digit temperatures don't faze this relative of quinoa, lamb's quarter, purslane, and amaranth. ... Huauzontle (wah-zont-lay) is a type of quelite – the wild greens of Mesoamerica that are highly valued for their robust growth and high nutrition.

If you’ve tried amaranth, lambs quarter or orach should try this. Young seedlings begin bright red, then look like lambs quarter with reddish undersides and a crisper leaf. Gives the salad mix a wilder look and taste. Leaves and seed heads become bright red with maturity.

This goosefoot species is found in archeological association with Old Peoples of the New World all the way from the Aztecs of tropical Central America, north and east into the southern Appalachian cave-sheltering tribes.

The agricultural sophistication of attending cultures has been inferred from the degree of seed coat thinning (a result of domestication) in seed from midden sites verses wild seeds of the same era. Aztecs prepared high protein dishes using the immature bright red seed heads and leaves. The plant looks intermediate between a lambs quarter and a quinoa in all respects, including seeds size and seed coat thickness. Suggested for salad use like its relatives, with a nice sweet and salty taste. Seeds germinate readily in 3 days, like quinoa—more reliable than lambs quarter.