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Marigold Petite Mixture

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KWD 1.500
56 – 63 days. Petite Mixture marigold seeds are an adorable, compact, and vibrant addition to grow in any home or garden. Marigold seeds are durable and easy to grow, ideal for indoor containers and planters or for a charming border around the flower bed. Petite Mixture seeds are the smallest and one of the most unique varieties of marigolds, perfect to decorate indoors, give as a potted gift, or to keep the butterflies fluttering around the garden. Petite Mixture seeds promise neat and tolerant marigolds ideal for gardens prone to heat, drought, and poor soils.

Growing Petite Mixture Marigold Garden Seeds

  • Taxonomy: Tagetes patula
  • Other Names: French Marigold
  • Seed Type: Annual
  • Days to Maturity: 56 – 63 days
  • Planting Depth: Plant 2 – 3 seeds ¼” deep
  • Plant Spacing: 6”
  • Growth Habit: dwarfed 6” tall shrubby mound with a 6” spread of 1 – 2” semi-double and fully double blooms
  • Soil Preference: Average, evenly moist, well-drained
  • Light Preference: Full sun
  • Color: Mix of golden yellow, orange, and sunburst