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Sunflower Autumn Beauty

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نوع مميز بألوان غروب الشمس و اوراق الخريف المتساقطة

 لهاقوةتحملمدهشهللجو و تقلباته

ننصح بقطف الزهور باستمرار و عدم رش الاوراق بالماء

90 – 110 days. Autumn Beauty sunflower seeds grow one of summer's most explosive and familiar bordering flowers. Autumn Beauty seeds promise your garden brilliant 10” heads bursting with bicolored petals of bronze, golden, purple, mahogany, and yellow sunburst. Autumn Beauty sunflower seeds grow up to 60” tall and its countless seeds serve as a natural bird feeder all season long. Autumn Beauty seeds are a simple and easy to grow addition in many hot and drought-prone gardens across North America.