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Sunflower Sunspot

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لا داعي لفترة انتظار طويلة مع هذا الصنف من زهرة دوار الشمس.. النبتة تصنف بالقزمية لأنها لا تتعدى ال٧٥سم و لا تتاخر في التزهير


تصلح للزراعة ك-سور جمالي و للزراعة في الاحواض

65 – 80 days. Sunspot sunflower seeds grow the ideal compact alternative to summer's tallest and most magnificent blooms. Sunspot sunflower seeds grow a convenient 30 – 36” tall semi-dwarf but still boasts the same lustrous 10” wide golden-yellow heads as 100” tall varieties! Sunspot sunflowers are vigorous garden performers, easy to grow from seed, and tolerant to drought and poor soils. Sunflower Sunspot seeds mature as early as 65 – 80 days and make a quick and fun grow for novice gardeners to try out it a flower bed, walkway, fencing, or indoor planter.