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Sunflower Teddy Bear

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تتميز بحجم الزهورالمدورالكبيرالتي تشبه دميةالدب، بعض أجزاء هذه الزهور صالحة للأكل

لهامظهر فريد وجذاباذا زرعت فيالسياج، اذا قطفت فهي تتم فترة طويلة في المزهرية. 

50 – 65 days. Teddy Bear sunflower seeds grow one of the most unique, lush, and brilliant blooms of any sunflower. Teddy Bear seeds promise 24 - 36" tall dwarfed sunflowers bursting with dense 4 – 5” fully doubled golden pom-pom heads with an almost infinite amount of soft, feathered petals. Teddy Bear seeds are an ideal grow for compact indoor containers, planters, and patios, or as the star to any fresh cut bouquet or arrangement. Teddy Bear sunflowers are vigorous garden performers, easy to grow from seed, and can mature in as early as 50 – 65 days!