Sunflower Velvet Queen

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

من اغمق انواع دوار الشمس

تزهر بلون البرونز النحاسي المخملي الفخم , لها قوة تحمل مدهشه للجو و تقلباته

90 - 110 days. Velvet Queen seeds grow one of summer's most exclusive and rare blooms, exceptional 60 – 72” tall branching sunflowers with hypnotic 8” heads of smokey blood-orange mahogany petals around a heavily black-seeded center. Velvet Queen sunflowers are grown for their rich, warm, sunset-colored petals to invigorate any garden or fresh cut seasonal arrangements. Velvet Queen seeds boast several heads per plant and can be harvested for growing next spring. Velvet Queen sunflower seeds are an ideal grow for bird enthusiasts because the countless seeds per head will keep birds well-fed and coming back for more all season long.

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