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Sweet Potato Slips

2.000 KWD

A great plant to grow in your pots or in the ground during the hot summer months.
You can eat the nutritious leaves or keep it growing to harvest the bright orange sweet potatoes after several months.

A great summer cover crop that is worth the wait.

The slips will come submerged in water.

Delivery may take up to 3 days

Light Preference: Full Sun or half shade

Planting Instructions:  Choose a sunny spot in a large pot or in the ground. Prepare the soil by adding compost or worm castings or organic plant food. No need to dig deep, plant the slips by laying them down on the soil surface and covering them well with soil.

 You can apply mycorrhiza inoculant plant food in the planting space, water the soil, insert the slips root down, apply soil around and on top of the slips, water the plant.
Shading the plant for a few days to a week helps if it is showing signs of wilting.