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Swiss Chard Rainbow

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السلق الملون بألوان القوز قزح اضافة مليئة بالفائدة و الجمال للحديقة
تؤكل الاوراق مثل السبانخ طازجة او مطبوخة، و ممكن تحشيتها مثل ورق العنب
نبتة معطاءة و عالية التحمل، تحب البرد 

60 days. The Rainbow Mixture Swiss Chard seed mix is a blend of colored. The leaves can be harvested after fifty days. The Rainbow Mixture Swiss Chard leaves have a bitter taste, similar to spinach. Our own blend of colored chards including red, yellow, orange, white, and vivid pink stems that merge into dark green savoyed leaves. Slow to bolt and quite lovely in bunches. Ornamental/edible landscaping at its best.