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Viola Johnny Jump Up

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الوزن: ٣٠٠ ملي غرام

زهور قابلة للأكل

65 - 80 days. Johnny Jump Up viola seeds are a vibrant and compact addition to your spring, summer, or fall gardens! Johnny Jump Up viola seeds are perennials, often grown as annuals, that mature into neat 7 – 10” tall mounds sprinkled with miniature purple, gold, and lavender tricolored pansies. Johnny Jump Up violas are an edible variety known for their sweet and spiced mint petals used to garnish teas, iced drinks, desserts, sorbets, cakes, and any sweet dish in need of some quick color. Johnny Jump Up viola seeds can be grown in the garden as a timeless bedding or kept in the kitchen for delicious daily use.