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Watermelon Black Diamond

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Black Diamond (85-95 days)

Heirloom Seed Package contains 2 grams or about 16 seeds

Rumored to have developed around Hope, Arkansas

Black diamond watermelon produces 40# lip licking juicy red melons during the mid season just when you are craving a cool melon the most.

Bred to have a tough skin and large leaves to prevent sunburn. This is one drought-tolerant melon! The rind is thick enough to tolerate transport but thin enough to make slicing a breeze.

1956 Henry Field's Seed Co. seed catalog says about Black Diamond Watermelon...
"(90 days). The big, round, dark green one you find in all markets. Maybe a little late for northern states, but a dandy from Iowa south. Flesh crisp, very flavorful and sweet."