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Watermelon Kleckleys

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صنف شهير جداً 

متوارث منذ ١٨٨٧ استمر و ازداد شعبية بسبب حلاوته وطعمه اللذيذ وقشرته التي ليست بتلك السماكة 



Kleckley's Sweet was also called "Monte Cristo" watermelon or "The Wonder Melon".

This melon was bred in 1887 by W.A. Kleckley who resided in Alabama.

Some say it was Burpee who introduced this watermelon in 1897.

Others say the Robert Buist Seed Co. released Kleckey's Sweet.

At this point it doesn't matter because Kleckey's Sweet has become an American favorite and sort of a legend in the watermelon world.

Why? The lip-smacking sweet flavor of course.

Touted in many catalogs as "The finest and sweetest melon for home use."

This watermelon produces a thin, green rind, red flesh and white seeds.

Kleckley's oblong fruits can reach 25-40 pounds.

Not a good shipper because of the thin skin, but perfect for the home garden.