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Watermelon Legacy

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Legacy Watermelon Seeds (85 days)

2 gram heirloom seed package. About 16-20 seeds

Legacy produces high yields of big 25-35 pound fruits that are striped bright green on a darker green rind color.

Uniform oblong shape.

Flesh holds well, very firm, pink-red and sweet.

Brix 12 in our trials (sugar reading). Most melons score about 7-9.

Excellent shelf life and a great shipper.

Resist Sunburn. Resistance to Fusarium Wilt.

One of the best melons in our 2013 trials for productivity, disease resistance and sweetness. It was one of the highest Brix at 12. Highly recommended.

If I could grow only one watermelon Legacy would be the one. Out performs most hybrid watermelons in my opinion. Farmer John