Watermelon Striped Klondike Plant • بطيخ مخطط

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  • 95 0.950 KWD

فاكهة طويلة متوسطة إلى كبيرة الحجم مغطاة بخطوط داكنة ضيقة ، ولحم احمر فاقع له نكهة البطيخ المركزة

لها أحد أعلى محتويات السكر بين اصناف البطيخ

 ملائمة للحدائق المنزلية منذ عام 1939

 مقاومة للفيوزاريوم 

Non-GMO Striped Klondike Watermelon seeds. Striped Klondike Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus), are oblong shaped with thick bright and dark stripes running along the rind. Flesh is a deep red, crisp and sweet, and not stringy!

Striped Klondike Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) can withstand unpredictable weather that might bring unexpected moisture and/or cold temperatures. Striped Klondike has a high yield, producing up to 4 melons per plant, each one coming in at 15-20 pounds.

Provide plenty of water on hot summer days. Resists burning so let it soak up as much sun as it can.

Striped Klondike is not only a picturesque watermelon with classic features, but it tastes absolutely wonderful! People tend to enjoy the thin rind as well!

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