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Arugula Wild

1.750 KWD


Diplotaxis tenuifolia.

Wild arugula seeds grow a far more tolerant and perennial relative to the common arugula or "garden rocket".

Although still bright and peppery, wild arugula seeds deliver a far more complex and subtle profile compared to traditional culinary arugula, while still ready for harvest in about 6 weeks.

Wild arugula is a persistent and weedy perennial that has found its way into the kitchen as a mild and savory component to many leafy greens and salad mixes.

  • Wild Arugula Latin Name: Diplotaxis tenuifolia
  • Other Names: Wall Rocket, Wild Rocket, Sand Rocket, Lincoln Weed, Wild Italian Arugula
  • Days to Maturity: 40-45
  • Arugula Seeding Depth: 1/4"
  • Plant Spacing: 6-12"
  • Growth Habit: Weedy and quickly spreading mound similar to dandelion or mustard
  • Soil Preference: Average, fertile, medium moist, well-drained
  • Temperature Preference: Cooler, 45-65°F
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun in cooler climates, partial shade in warm summers
  • Arugula Color: Classic leafy salad greens
  • Flavor: Bright and peppery similar to mustard to radish "baby greens". Smaller 2-3" leaves will be sweeter and more tender that larger, more coarse greens.