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Bakers Ferment Couche Fabric

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KWD 2.950


  • Size:Professional couche is designed with perfect size of 44X77cm, provide you plenty of surface to work multiple loaves.
    From baguettes to breads of all sizes, they are easy to shape, easy to store, and neatly folded like a kitchen towel.

  • Premium Materials:Large couche fabric is made of 100% cotton linen, which is untreated and unbleached. The linen is ideal as it absorbs excess moisture while minimizing stickiness, and create a crisp crunch associated with French bread.

  • Thick and Stiff:Heavy weight, professional grade fiber suitable for both household and commercial use.Better than cheaper fabrics, they are thick enough and stiff enough to shape the bread.

  • Caring:After using, first brush flour off the couche, but if dough sticks to cloth, just wait to dry then scrape off.Do not wash your couche. A real couche should never be washed. Hang and air dry after use, then roll and store it for future use.