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Beehive Tiny Ice Mold

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KWD 2.450

 قالب على شكل خلية نحل تحتوي على ٣٧ فتحة لعمل مكعبات الثلج السداسية المميزة

القالب مصنوع من السيليكون المرن الآمن للإستخدام في الطبخ والفريزر

المكعبات صغيرة تكفي لإدخالها في قنينة الشرب
يمكنك إستخدام القالب لتبريد الثلج او الايسكريم او الشوكولاتة او العصير او غيره
يسهل استخراج المثلجات بعد ان تصبح صلبة من السيليكون المرن القابل للطي

إختر بين اللونين الأبيض والأصفر

٢٠ في ١٢ في٢سم


  • QUICK & EASY HONEYCOMB SHAPED ICE Cracking a standard ice cube tray can prove to be difficult in the long run, especially when it can only make a small amount of ice at a time. With this cute Honeycomb Ice Tray, you can now create 37 hexagon shaped cubes in one go! Made with BPA Free 100% silicone that is soft and bendable for easy removal.
  • CREATE MORE ICE, SAVE MORE SPACE Each tray can create 37 ice cubes. The clear lids allow you to stack them on top of each other to save more freezer space and produce cleaner ice cubes. Note: Lids are mainly used to stack and protect ice inside the freezer. They are not made for sealing purposes. The lids are particularly important during transport from your sink to the freezer to prevent accidental spillage, placing one tray on top of the other lids makes the product easier to transport.
  • VERSATILE & MULTIPURPOSE One of the great things about these ice cube trays is that you can fill them with anything you want. This tray is ideal for making DIY treats, fruit jellies, chocolate snacks, confectionery, or baby purée. You have absolute freedom with creating your ideal and delicious ice recipes thanks to the 37 ice slots, ready to be filled! Dimensions: 8.15 x 4.85 x 2.13inches
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN The flexible silicone material makes releasing the frozen ice from the tray quick and easy on the hands. Gently press the bottom of each slot and the cubes should come right out. No more unnecessary breaking and snapping of ice trays. As an added bonus, these trays are dishwasher safe which makes them especially easy to clean.
  • Quick & Easy Honeycomb Shaped Ice
  • Can produce 37 ice cubes per tray
  • Diameter of a quarter designed to perfectly fit into any water bottle
  • Package includes 2 trays and 2 lids
  • Dimensions: 8.15 x 4.85 x 2.13inches