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Climbing Plants Net Medium

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5X15ft which is 152.4x457.2cm

Made of Heavy-Duty Polyester

Support your climbing plants by providing a strong and sturdy netting base for them to comfortably climb on.

This soft material net which is super strong will not hurt your fingers or your delicate plant's vines.

Its many uses can be for tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, climbing flowers, peas, and more!

Cut to Any Size!  This material is very easy to cut to the appropriate size for your garden beds or pots.

The holes which are 6x6-inch, leave enough room to reach through, prune, and pick. Use it for tomatoes, peas, cukes, beans, or any plant that needs support

Easy to Install - Simply wrap and tie the netting around any stable structure or support–it can be used for A-frame, horizontal, and vertical growth