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Microgreen Tray and Trolley Set

14.950 KWD

Microgreen multi-shelf set which includes 4 trays
Tray size:

[Healthy & Durable]

The seed sprouter trays are made from BPA free PP.The shelf is made of extra strength plastic tubes which connected firmly by the matching connectors.

[Can Be Used Soil free]
Sprouting can be done without soil or other additives.Enjoy healthy sprouts for salads, sandwiches and soups.

Trays cab first be used to soak seeds then used to grow.
[Includes Drainage Hole Tray]
The white tray can be used to easily grow microgreens or sprouts which will take root easily.High budding rate.

[Easy to install]
It's very easy to assemble.You can finish them easily and no tools needed.
4 layers planter trays and shelf are combined together, saving your time to sprout various of seed and saving your space.

    [Wheels Includes Breaks]
    Easy to use breaks to keep the table still.