Melon Protector

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  • 🍈 Protective Melon Cradle: Keep Harvests Fresh & Dry!

    Off-the-Ground Protection:

    • Elevate melons, pumpkins, and large fruits to prevent rotting.

    🔍 Prevents Misshapen Fruits:

    • Innovative design ensures air circulation, preventing deformities.

    🍈 Garden Fruit Support:

    • 21.59 cm diameter supports up to 15.88 kg - for all fruit sizes.

    🛠️ Durable and Reusable:

    • Long-lasting plastic, easy to install and remove.

    🏡 Versatile Usage:

    • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor fruit protection.

    🌿 Preserve Your Harvest:

    • Keep fruits fresh, firm, and soil-free.

    👩‍🌾 Simple Solution for Healthy Harvests:

    • Effortless maintenance for quality garden produce.

    Upgrade your gardening with our Melon Cradle – freshness and flavor preserved! 🍉🌿🌞


Melon Protector

KWD 0.450
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