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Dual Ice Cream Maker

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KWD 59.500
Treat your taste buds to delicious homemade ice cream with the Dual Ice Cream Maker from Cuisinart. It lets you prepare two delicious flavours at the same time.

Accessories included:
2 x 1 L freezing bowl
2 mixing paddles

Create the smoothest, creamiest and the most heavenly frozen ice cream with the Cuisinart Dual Ice Cream Maker. This appliance is a must have for those of you who like to make their desserts at home. Your guests and family will keep asking for more!

The best part about the Dual Ice Cream Maker is that it does not limit your desserts to ice cream alone. You can make sorbets, sherbets and frozen yogurt with it as well.

How to use the Dual Ice Cream Maker

  • Switch the Ice Cream Maker on
  • Use a single button to operate this stunning brushed metal dessert maker. Once you do that, it will automatically start its work
  • Depending upon your preference, you can either make - 1 or 2 portions of the same flavor, 1 portion each of two different flavors
  • To activate both the bowls, set the control switch to 2 bowls. Else, set to 1 bowl to activate just one
  • Add your ingredients through the easy-pour spouts into the double-insulated freezing bowls
  • All you need to do after this is sit back and relax. In about 20 - 25 minutes, the Dual Ice Cream Maker will prepare your dessert

Why it's one of the best ice cream makers around

  • Brushed aluminium finish
  • Heavy-duty motor is strong enough to handle ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, and frozen drinks
  • Integrated mixing paddles create smooth ice creams
  • Transparent lids offer quick access for pouring in ingredients while the paddle is turning. They let you watch your desserts while they’re being prepared. Also, they easily lock to the base
  • The unused part of the cord can easily be pushed into the base to keep your counter neat and safe