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Fennel Plant Small

1.500 KWD


Fennel is an easy, abundant plant to grow and Florence fennel is an extra special variety.

Not only can the bulb, stems, leaves, pollen and seeds be eaten but this plant also brings wonderful benefits to your garden eco-system.

  • Fennel seeds have a high concentration of minerals, including copper, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, selenium and magnesium. They are also high in vitamin C.

Pot size(10cm)

Delivery may take up to 3 days

Note: This product is a live plant, and because of this: sizes and plant appearance may vary slightly

Light Preference: Full Sun or half shade

Planting Instructions:  Choose a sunny spot in a large pot or in the ground. Prepare the soil by adding compost or worm castings or organic plant food, dig a hole 2 times as big as the melon plant roots, apply mycorrhiza plant food in the hole, water the hole, insert the plant, press the soil around the plant, water the plant.
Shading the plant for a few days helps if it is showing signs of wilting.