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Genovese Basil Plant

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Meet the Genovese Basil Plant, a fragrant and flavorful herb that's a must-have for gardeners and cooks alike. This exceptional herb adds a burst of freshness and aromatic delight to your garden and culinary creations.

Here's why our Genovese Basil Plant stands out:

🌱 Rich and Aromatic Flavor: Genovese basil is celebrated for its robust, sweet, and aromatic flavor, making it a perfect companion for Italian dishes, pesto, salads, and more.

🌿 Ready for Planting: This healthy basil plant is already thriving in a 10cm black pot, ready to be easily transplanted into your garden or a suitable container. It's an excellent choice for gardeners of all levels.

🌱 Hassle-Free Growing: Skip the complexity of starting basil from seeds. Our plant simplifies the process, ensuring a bountiful harvest of fresh basil with minimal effort.

🌸 Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond its culinary value, Genovese basil boasts lush green leaves and a delightful fragrance that enhances the visual charm of your garden, it will also give you beautiful white flowers that bees abdolutely love!



📋 Important Note: Please keep in mind that as live plants, their sizes and appearances may vary slightly. Rest assured, we've selected robust plants to flourish in your garden.

Planting tips:

Pick a bright spot in a large pot or outdoors, and prep the ground by adding compost, worm castings, or organic plant food. Dig a hole at least twice the size of the plant's rootball, then add mycorrhiza if you have it, and water. Plant, press soil, then water again, ideally with a diluted plant food concentrate. To protect from wilting, a few days of shade may be helpful. 

Plants take up to 3 days to deliver