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Hand Twist Juicer

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KWD 3.450


  • SAFE AND HEALTHY - This BPA - free food grade ABS hand juicer is so easy to use.. You can use it to squeeze oranges, lemons, tangerines grapefruits and berries to extract fresh juice with a quick twist.

  • QUICK AND EFFORTLESS TO GET THE JUICE OUT - Using 12-pin fixed position lid design, this manual orange juicer can better fix the fruit and make it firmly attached in the screw cap when you press down and rotate the fruit to get juice out. You can quickly and efficiently get all of the juice out of the oranges and other citrus fruits in half the time

  • QUALITIED STRAINER TO FILTER THE SEEDS AND THE HEAVY PULPS - The strainer can filter out the seeds and heavy pulps efficiently while squeezing the juice, this citrus juicer can ensure you to have a good taste cup of orange juice in an easy way

  • JUICE CONTAINER WITH POUR SPOUT - With almost 16 oz. / 2cups capacity of juice container, this hand juicer can store around 4-5 oranges’ juice a time. Pour spout design makes for a spill free pour every time!

  • EASY CLEAN & STORAGE & CARRY AROUND - Simply rinse it with water and storage it in a small space, you can take along this hand juicer when you are in the park or on a trip.