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Organic Neem Cake Powder

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What is Neem cake?

Neem cake (Azadirachta indica) is the powder form of what remains after the seeds have been processed for oil. It is a slow-release fertilizer, and is powerful in protecting plants against soil-borne illnesses harmful fungi and root knot nematodes.

It is fresh and powerful and smells just like neem oil!

Neem Cake is can be used: as top dressing (on existing plants) , mixed into a soil mix  or in the planting hole, or brewed in a tea and given to plants in the soil or in a foliar spray on their leaves.

Mix Neem Cake in your seed starting soil mix to prevent damping off disease!

• Promotes a rich, dark green leaf color
• Protects plant roots against nematodes and enhances growth
• Encourages beneficial organisms — earthworms love it!
• Will not burn plants 

Neem cake has nematocidal organic compounds such as nortriterpenoids and isoprenoids. Because of these two compounds, neem cake protects plants from nematodes and other pathogens. 



In Containers or in the ground: Add 1-2 Tbsp per gallon of soil and mix well.

Soil Drench/ Leaves Spray: Place 1 cup in a mesh bag and brew with 5 gallons of water for 1-2 days. If you have an air pump, use a bubbler for 36-48 hours prior to application as you would with compost tea.

Used For:

  • Giving plants a green boost
  • Preventing and eliminating harmful nematodes