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5 Part Salad Mix 114g

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KWD 3.250

Protein Powerhouse Mix features four of the most protein-rich sprouting seeds available, while boasting plenty of additional fiber, iron, potassium, and essential vitamins.

Protein Powerhouse Mix is an ideal companion to any fitness, dieting, or weight loss goals as a clean and raw source of more than a dozen vitamins and nutrients. Nutty, bright, and lightly sweet, Protein Powerhouse Mix sprouting seeds is also one of the best tasting mixes too! 


    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Recommended Seeding: ¼ cup per quart jar, sprouting tray, terra cotta sprouter, or sprout bag
    • Initial Soak Time: 6-8 hours
    • Rinse Frequency: 2-3 times per day
    • Days to Harvest: 2-4 days
    • Flavor: Nutty, bright, and lightly sweet mix
    • Nutrients: Protein, Fiber, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C
    • Calories: About 250 calories per 1 cup serving

  • About Organic Protein Powerhouse Mix Sprout Seeds

    Using either a seed sprouting jar, sprouting tray, terra cotta sprouter, or hemp sprout bag, add about ¼ cup organic Protein Powerhouse Mix sprout seeds to your container and allow seeds for an initial soak of 6-8 hours. After initial soaking, continue to rinse sprouting seeds 2-3x per day and immediately drain, not allowing water to sit and soak. Rinse seeds 2-3x per day for 2-4 days, keeping organic Protein Powerhouse sprouts fresh, crunchy, and hydrated without waterlogging.