Pastry Mat With Measurements

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  • 295 2.950 KWD

مفرش يوضع على الطاولة وقت الطبخ سواء عند الشغل بالعجين او غيره

يحتوي على قياسات وجداول مفيدة جدا بالمطبخ

 This silicone pastry mat will lay flat on your counter top and not move or bunch up as you roll and work dough. Stain-proof and stick-resistant, no greasing required!

Includes dimension, volume and weight conversions to easily convert a recipe, or roll out pie dough to the perfect length and thickness.

Roll out pastry dough like a pro with this silicone mat while keeping your countertop clean. Our slip-proof mat works well for rolling out piecrusts, cookie dough, making sweets, roasting meat and vegetables, etc.

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