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Alfalfa Meal 2-1-2

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KWD 4.950

For the soil and compost bin

    • Great for flowers
    • Excellent all around source of primary nutrients
    • Organic and natural
    • Acts quickly and decomposes fast
    • Infused with seven strains of beneficial soil microbes
    • Acts quickly because it decomposes fast
    • Excellent for roses because it contains available magnesium

  • Valley grown alfalfa meal is a fast acting and excellent source of primary nutrients. It contains Superactive soil and seed inoculant and 5 strains of beneficial soil microbes and is infused with TruBiotic which ensures organic nutrients are thoroughly broken down and then released in the soil for plant roots to absorb them as they are needed, contributing to drought tolerance, enhanced nutrient availability and increased plant performance.

Dry Fertilizer, Which can be used:

  1. In the soil mix or planting hole before planting
  2. In potted plants
  3. In the ground
  4. Around established plants by working it around the plant diameter