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Purple Basil Plant

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Enhance your garden and kitchen with our Purple Basil Plant. This exquisite herb offers a delightful combination of beauty and flavor, making it a must-have for any herb enthusiast.

1. 🌈 Striking Appearance: Our Purple Basil Plant features deep purple leaves that are sure to catch the eye. Plant it in your garden or keep it on your windowsill for a pop of vibrant color.

2. 🌿 Classic Basil Flavor: Enjoy the timeless sweet basil taste with a subtle hint of spice. Purple Basil adds depth to your dishes, whether you're making salads, pasta, or homemade pesto.

3. 🍽️ Versatile in the Kitchen: This basil is a versatile companion in your culinary adventures. Use it as a garnish, in sauces, or as an aromatic ingredient in your favorite recipes.

4. 🌱 Easy to Cultivate: Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting, our Purple Basil Plant is hassle-free to grow. It thrives in well-drained soil and with ample sunlight.

📋 Important Note: Please remember that, as a live plant, its size and appearance may vary slightly. Be assured that we've selected a robust plant ready to thrive in your garden.

Planting tips:

Pick a bright spot in a large pot or outdoors, and prep the ground by adding compost, worm castings, or organic plant food. Dig a hole at least twice the size of the plant's rootball, then add mycorrhiza if you have it, and water. Plant, press soil, then water again, ideally with a diluted plant food concentrate. To protect from wilting, a few days of shade may be helpful. 


Plants take up to 3 days to deliver