Carrot Black Nebula

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  • 150 1.500 KWD

نعتقد انه من الضروري ان يجرب الجميع زراعة هذا الصنف المبهر، الذي ليس فقط يحتوي على اقوى صبغة بنفسجية ومعدل مضادات اكسدة، بل أيضا له نكهة لذيذة مميزة وعند الزراعة يعتبر نوع سهل متسامح حيث يتحمل الجو الدافئ 

75 days. One of the most darkest (and antioxidant rich) carrots we have seen, with an incredibly deep purple color, and the roots are sweet, finely flavored with hints of wild berry taste in their flavor.

This superfood treasure was originally selected and improved from some traditional carrots found in a market in northern India, and by selecting for the darkest roots, this variety is now one of the blackest carrots available from skin to core.

This fine carrot is delicious raw or cooked! It’s also used as a dye, and it makes a stunning dark purple juice; when a squeeze of lemon is added, it turns bright pink.

Amazingly, it retains its color after cooking and is incredibly high in anthocyanins and a 100 gram serving provides more than half of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. If left in the garden, it makes an exquisite white, flower umbel that is tinged with lavender. A supremely sweet and heat-tolerant carrot.

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